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Winnipeg has a wide variety of food types and restaurants to enjoy, however, if you’re searching for fine Ethiopian dishes and a friendly atmosphere, then come on down to Gojo Ethiopian Restaurant located on Sargent Avenue! Using authentic recipes dating back, and only the freshest of ingredients, we are sure you will love and enjoy every bite.

A few of our main dishes include the tasty Gored Gored, the Kilkil, or the Gomen Be Siga. The Gomen Be Siga is a beef stew cooked with kale, onion, jalapeno, and Gojo’s signature special spices. Another popular dish is our Tibs, which comes as your choice of either beef, chicken, or lamb, and is cooked with spiced butter with peppers, onion, garlic, tomato, a touch of rosemary, and other spices. It is also served with a side salad.If you’re into vegetarian dishes, then check out our Misir Wot, or our Shiro dish, which is spiced chickpea flour cooked in berbere sauce, and served with a house salad. We also carry a few combo dishes perfect for filling that appetite. Check out our menu today to see what other great meals we have to offer!


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"incredible, can't wait to order again! thank you!"


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533 Sargent Ave, Winnipeg, MB, Canada, Winnipeg, R3B 1W1

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